Floor coatings for every application

Whether you’re a homeowner seeking concrete floor coating in your garage, basement, patio, or sidewalk, or a business that needs epoxy and urethane floor coatings, we have your answer.


Concrete floor coatings not only provide protection, but they offer a homeowner the ability to express their unique sense of style on surfaces that typically get ignored in one’s home. We have the ability to provide endless color and design choices along with customizing desired texture and slip resistance.

Our process starts with a consultation where we address your home’s flooring needs, location, environment, traffic patterns, and use. With these conditions in mind, we develop a custom solution designed for your unique requirements.

Whether new or existing concrete, proper surface preparation is essential. Prior to installation, shot blasting and diamond grinding clean and profile surfaces in preparation for coating application. This process is fast, clean, and cost-effective without the introduction of moisture through ineffective acid etching methods.

Safety is also of utmost importance. Before selecting a finish we address end use. No one wants a slip and fall but most are looking for a smooth, cleanable surface. Several aggregates can be introduced to achieve an anti-slip surface such as quartz sand, aluminum oxide, and polypropylene. These aggregates add extra durability and come in varying sizes.

Patios & Sidewalks: For exterior applications, cracks, salt damage, and uneven slabs are easily repaired and protected with our many coating options.

Garages: Alternatively, for indoor use, repairs, remediation of pooling water, removal of existing coating, protection from stains and hot car tire pick-up are not a problem. To achieve seamless floor-to-wall transitions adding integral cove allows for easy cleaning and eliminates the chance of moisture getting into the walls. With our mechanical surface preparation techniques coupled with the use of the highest quality industrial coatings, you will have a floor that not only looks great but can withstand the most heavy-duty demands. 

Basements: Whether you are looking to seal your bare concrete or install a highly decorative floor for entertaining, Painting & Decorating by Shane has you covered. Moisture problems in basements are common and we have several coating choices to remedy this situation. Our equipment is relatively dust-free and most of our products are solvent-free with virtually no odor creating a hassle-free installation.

For beautification, protection, and safety, concrete coating in the home environment is key. We develop and maintain pleasing aesthetics and protection for all of your home’s concrete surfaces.


Surface System Installation specializes in commercial and industrial flooring.  Our knowledge and experience allows us to understand the unique environments within every facility.

We know the sensitive nature of your business. Our employees are trained to spot safety concerns and provide recommendations immediately as the project proceeds. By providing our own dust protection we minimize down-time and provide a hassle-free service.

Slip and fall accidents are the most common form of work place injury. Our anti-slip flooring solutions and stair nosings can be installed to remediate existing issues and prevent future incidents increasing the safety of your employees and protecting your assets.

After an initial consultation evaluating your site environment, operating conditions, and timelines, we match the best flooring system with the intended use.

Shot blasting, scarification, and diamond grinding are techniques used to clean and profile surfaces in preparation for coating application. This process is fast, clean (with our HEPA vacuum equipment), and cost-effective.

Surface System Installation employees work quickly and efficiently to install your floor with the highest level of expertise. We are ISNetworld OSHA compliant and have a strong commitment to safety. We strive to minimize any downtime in your facility along with accommodating your timeline for the fastest turnaround possible.

Our turnkey flooring solutions offer the best combination of durability, safety, aesthetics, and sanitation for the maximum protection of your business.

Many years of experience have taught us that superior surface preparation, the use of the highest quality products, and excellent customer communication ensures that the floors we install will meet your expectations of durability, safety, cleanability, and aesthetics. Surface System Installation serves the following industries:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical & Chemical
  • Manufacturing
  • Stadiums & Arenas
  • Commercial
  • Government & Institutional
  • Restaurants

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